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Buy Domain Names For A Profitable Online Business

Buy Domain Names For A Profitable Online Business

Step one to setting up a profitable online business is to buy domain names unique to your business. If you’re building a business online, a domain is especially important as a website (and domain). will be used to drive web traffic towards.

How to pick a domain name?

You can create a unique brand name with the domain extension Eg. You’ll need to plan this ahead of time when you’re planning your business as domain names can be taken with ease and are hard to get if it is owned by somebody else.

Alternatively, you can pick keywords for your domain name if it is a niche service. Eg. you’ve done keyword research and you’ve found that many people who are searching online for information on how to improve their golf swing type in the search phrase “golf swing instruction”. If there are thousands of people every single month that are using the keyword phrase “golf swing instruction” and applying it to the domain name “” could also work well.

Whilst it doesn’t guarantee traffic from SEO due to Google’s changes, you’d get a ton of highly targeted as long as your website ranks for those keywords but you could change this by hiring a local SEO specialist.

What to do after you’ve secured a domain name?

You will need to get a website built. The platform used to build your website will vary depending on the needs of your business. For most service-based businesses, a WordPress website will be sufficient. For this, you’ll need a WordPress website developer. If it is an eCommerce business or an online store, Shopify will work great unless you have very special requirements.


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