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8 Ways To Avoid Litigation When You Sell A Business

Based on recent litigation storm clouds, business owners planning exit strategies better batten down their legal hatches. As a small business owner, your company most likely represents a significant portion of your net worth. That’s why it’s crucial not to let litigation wash it away when the time comes to convert your years of hard work into cash. Selling a business involves substantial amounts of money and a wide range of issues including warranties and representations, disclosures an........ Read More

How To Inform Employees When You Sell A Business

What is the best way to inform employees when you sell your business? Wait until the transaction is a done deal. After many years of representing people who want to sell their businesses, experience has taught me that complete confidentiality about any thoughts of selling are in the best interests of every business owner. Consequently, the best time to make any announcements about selling will be on the afternoon of the day your transaction closes. That announcement should be well rehearsed a........ Read More

Selling A Franchise Business

Selling a franchise business is not as straight forward as selling your own business. Your franchise agreement will have detailed instructions on the procedures that you need to follow when you take the opportunity to sell your business. The franchisor will be able to assist you in valuing your business and will probably insist that you use the methods of valuation as set out in the franchise agreement. You will of course be free to seek independent advice and valuations. Be careful when s........ Read More

Selling Business Notes For Quicker Cash

In about 85 percent of all business sales, sellers accept a cash down payment and a promissory note to pay the balance in installments. The note is personally guaranteed by the buyer, and it is secured by the business and its assets in case the buyer defaults. Providing owner financing allows sellers to cater to a broader pool of potential buyers. However, many sellers don’t want to be in the lending business and would prefer not to hold business notes. The good news is: they don’t have to......... Read More

Hate To Sell? Design Your Business So You Don't Have To

Owning your own business can have tremendous benefits. You can experience the joy of being your own boss, setting your own hours, working from home, and earning just as much as you want. But with all that freedom comes a few challenges. If you've already worked a home-based business, you know what they are. A dislike for selling tops the list for millions who start their own business. "I really believe in my product," Maria says. "But I hate trying to sell it to complete strangers. Often they ........ Read More

Sell A Business, Not A Product

Business has changed immensely since the first incident of a sales man selling a product to a needy person. At one time, a great salesman marked himself by his ability to peddle a product to someone who had no idea that he needed the product. Today that same salesman has made his mark by not only selling his product, but by selling the ability to sell. We call this multi-level marketing. The MLM business, while often deemed as a shady line of work and even illegal at times, has a basic philos........ Read More

Selling Second-hand Goods Online: A Lucrative Business

The internet has virtually changed the way we certain aspects of our lives. It has changed the way we view where we get the latest news, how to communicate with one another, how we play, how we shop and even how we trade and make money. The internet has made these aspects of our lives more instantaneous and, with regards to shopping and trading, brought these activities to our door steps. It now allows us to shop and purchase items that we like by just looking at the items offered in different ........ Read More

Questions Business Owners Ask When Selling Their Business

Questions Business Owners Ask When Selling Their Business By Paul L. Kush – Copyright © 1994 Solutions Consultants Business Brokers Frequently Asked Questions WHY SHOULD I CONTRACT A BUSINESS BROKER? Business Brokers understand the market and the quickest path to achieving a closed transaction. SO YOU CAN STAY FOCUSED ON RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS - This is important so your business stays profitable and marketable. Having a third party involved allows you to keep an arm’s length in the neg........ Read More

Choosing What Products To Sell In Your Home Business

You are thinking about starting an online business. The idea of working from home is very appealing to you. You want to do it but you don't know what products to sell. Everyone who sells on the internet has approached this dilemma. So, how do you decide? 1) Brainstorm The first step to choosing the right product is to sit down with pen and paper. Make sure that there are no distractions so that you can concentrate. Make two columns on your paper with these headings: a) Enjoy b) Passion........ Read More

Business Selling Guide (detail)

Business selling process can be very easy with this useful guide wich will guide you through the business selling process. You can find out what to prepare and what to expect. The following information is basic steps of business selling process for business for sale for seller. does not guarantee or indorse the accuracy of information. 1. Determining the fair market value of the business The business value really depends on the typ........ Read More

Selling Your Business And Achieving The Highest Price

When selling your business it is critical that you understand the processes involved. After all, unlike other business decisions this will only be made once! So here are a few questions that might help you in the process. Why are you selling? Are you selling because the business has reached its full potential or do you want to get out because you have had enough? It's important to have a reason for the sale as you will get asked this question from all potential purchasers. Is your prop........ Read More

Selling Your Business – Step By Step Process

So finally the time has come to sell the business. After investing years of your time and uncounted thousands of dollars, it has become successful, providing for your needs and wants, and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Where do you start? A good time to start thinking about selling a business is right after startup, when it shows signs of beginning to succeed and become self-sustaining. Even if you are planning on bequeathing it to your progeny or a partner, it's never too earl........ Read More

Business Selling Process (simple)

Business Selling Process (Simple) 1. Determining the fair market value of the business 2. Set Preparing all books and records for prospective buyers 3. Putting the business on the market 4. Dealing with the potential buyer 5. Recieving an offer 6. Negociation - Price, Terms, and Condition 7. Accepting an offer 8. Provide all necessary books and records to the buyer 9. Work with the buyer to remove all contingencies of the contract 10. Signing the closing statement (1~3 days ........ Read More

What's The Key To Your Direct Selling Business Success?

I had a sales and marketing coach tell me one time that asking someone to buy from you the first time you meet them is like going on a blind date and asking the person to marry you! Her words really hit home; it was something I knew but putting it in this context made the lesson memorable. How many times have you met someone and immediately tried to sell them on your products or opportunity? If this is a practice of yours, what type of results are you seeing? If you think about sales (in any ........ Read More

What Do I Need To Consider Before Selling My Business?

The process of selling a business is not as straight-forward as you may imagine, especially if you are looking to get the best possible price. Your business may have been set up in a formal and structured way; this will be far more attractive to any potential purchaser more than one which is run in a more 'personal’ way. The best time to implement these structures and procedures in place is when the business is first set up - of course, you can always modify them as the business develops and........ Read More


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