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Unusual Franchise Opportunities - Funny Business

The most unusual franchise opportunity that I have come across specialises in cleaning mattresses! They have turned this business into an art form. The way I clean my mattresses is by taking them out ........ Read More

Top 10 Low Cost Franchises For Work At Home Entrepreneurs

Individuals go into business for themselves for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, control, and, for many, the desire to work from home. Yet, as any entrepreneur will tell you, starting a ho........ Read More

Is A Cleaning And Maintenance Franchise For You?

There is a slate of incredible franchise opportunities in the market today and one of the most exciting businesses prospects involves owning a cleaning franchise. The most important factor to keep in ........ Read More

Why Not Own A Franchise?

Owning a franchise is a relatively new concept that has fast caught the imagination of the business community and it is major departure from the norm that until only recently meant that when thinking ........ Read More

Franchise Financing -- How To Get It

If you'd like to purchase a franchise, but aren't sure where to get the financing from, then you will want to read this article. Specifically in this article we'll discuss how to raise investment cap........ Read More

Business Franchise – How Do I Raise Funds To Buy?

Many people buying a franchise opportunity or starting a business for the first time raise funds by getting a second mortgage on their property. This method is extremely popular due to the fact that i........ Read More

Revolutionize Your Franchise

Business-minded people gravitate towards business franchises because of their pre-existing success. Some may label ‘success’ as opening more franchises than originally thought, but is there a ceil........ Read More

Love Movies? Perhaps A Video Franchise Business Is For You!

Starting Your Own Video Franchise Did you know that you can receive the kind of support and direction provided to franchisees and still open your own video store? Video Store Builder Home Entert........ Read More

The Best Espresso Served From Your Franchise

If I’d had my act together I could have been a millionaire by now! Coffee shop franchises are big busy and I wish I had figured this out before someone else did. You have to act or else someone el........ Read More

Tutoring Franchises & Educational Franchise Opportunities

Are you a businessperson that is a natural with children? If so, learn more about having a tutor franchise or other child learning franchise. There is not much you can do that makes you feel better th........ Read More

What Do Franchisors Look For In A Franchisee?

After you’ve done all your research and made an informed decision about which franchise is right for you, your first step toward buying a franchise business will be your application, which—accordi........ Read More

How To Find A Great Franchise Directory

Starting a small business from scratch brings a considerable risk. If you want to be a business owner without the risk of starting a new business then you might be a great candidate for franchising. M........ Read More

Turnkey Business Opportunities Versus Franchises

What Exactly is the Difference Between a Traditional Franchise and a Turnkey Business? A traditional franchise is a business in which authorization has been given to an entrepreneur to sell and/or ........ Read More

Burgers And Bulldozers: New Franchise Roundup

With hundreds of new franchise concepts being started every year, it is nearly impossible to keep track of the freshest ideas. Here is an update of two new franchises and how they have fared in their ........ Read More

Are Home Based Franchises For Real?

With so many work at home based business franchises available today, you have to wonder how many of them are really legitimate. Some of them sound amazing and promise astounding sales and profit with ........ Read More


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