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How Do I Sell My Restaurant Franchise?

Question: I am tired of running my restaurant franchise. How do I sell it? Answer: Many franchisors face this same predicament. Not only are restaurant franchises resold every day, but it is very ........ Read More

The Franchise Business Is Alive & Strong

New franchise opportunities are coming to the market regularly and the franchise industry is going from strength to strength. Franchise exhibitions are attracting many new exhibitors. Potential franch........ Read More

Why Do Some Franchise Owners Fail?

Buying a franchise business is supposed to be the least risk way to start a business. But is owning a franchise guaranteed to make you money? Not necessarily… the truth is that some business franchi........ Read More

Communication Par Internet Entre Franchiseurs Et Franchises

Cette communication entre franchiseurs et franchisés peut donc se faire aujourd'hui via Internet ou câbles de d'interconnexion reliant les franchises via leur réseau et permet de rentabiliser le tr........ Read More

Franchise Opportunity - Frequently Asked Questions

In the Franchise Industry the most common questions we get asked by people looking for a franchise opportunity are covered in this list. Question: What is franchising? Answer: Franchising is whe........ Read More

Building Your Dream Franchise Business

Everybody dreams of becoming his or her own boss, but is it so easy to kiss your job goodbye? Yes, it is possible if you open a franchise business. Owning a franchise business opens limitless opportun........ Read More

Converting Independent Business To Franchise

In recent times there has been the prevalence of conversion of independent businesses in same industry into franchise units. This has fostered the rise and growth of a number of franchise systems. Now........ Read More

Making Your Franchise Business Successful

Buying a Franchise Business is not a get rich quick scheme. You have found the right opportunity, analysed the viability of the business, met the franchisor and signed the franchise agreement. Now the........ Read More

Buying A Franchise: What You Need To Consider

For many the ultimate American dream is attaining financial independence. However, the ‘easiest’ methods of making money, (which entails getting a job), may not offer the type of financial indepen........ Read More

Top Ten Franchise Opportunities For $20,000

Franchises are among the fastest growing business opportunities available. Once the purview only of those who could afford to invest many, many thousands of dollars – often as many as several hundre........ Read More

Top Ten Funny Franchise Names That Mean Serious Business

Nerds ToGo So many individuals and businesses rely on their computers for communication. Furthermore, many businesses simply can not function if their computers are not working properly. As people ........ Read More

Tips For Starting A Franchise

It's estimated that a new franchise opens every eight minutes in the U.S.-and with good reason. The American franchise industry accounts for 40 percent of all retail sales in America. What Is A Fran........ Read More

Six “must Haves” For Buying A Franchise

We all know that buying a franchise is a great way to start a new business. Yes it’s true that the initial cost of a franchi........ Read More

The Franchise Industry Has Various Types Of Businesses

In this franchise article I am going to analyse the many different types of business that a potential franchisee can buy into. There are franchises to suit all types of budgets and different levels of........ Read More

Property Franchise Businesses - Build An Income Quickly

Many franchise opportunities now exist in the lucrative and fast growing property market. The property business is awash with money as property prices continue rising and new property millionaires are........ Read More


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