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To Buy A Franchise Business?

It is a well known fact that as the population increases then the number of people wanting to go into business increases –obvious but true. This is despite the fact that a large amount of businesses fail within the first two years. Ideally one would like to purchase a business for less than it takes to create one – this is not always easy and can take as much effort as the former. So just how does one take the choice of whether or not to uptake the business opportunity? The decis........ Read More

Buying A Franchise Versus Starting A Business

Starting a business can be an exceedingly rewarding endeavor. From its inception you have complete authority on all decisions big and small - something as imperative as planning a restaurant menu, for example, to choosing what color and style of blinds to hang in the windows, you control everything. Additionally, for those lacking the start-up capital to purchase or rent a location, you can start a business from home with little more than a computer with Internet access. As attractive as t........ Read More

Buy A Franchise Or Start A Business?

A franchise business is definitely the safer opportunity according to US Department of Commerce figures. This study carried out over 7 years revealed that after seven years, over 90% of new franchises are still in business, as compared to only 20% of individual new start-up businesses. Most people, who do start a business by themselves, end up failing and losing a lot of money. I now that this is a sad fact, but it's true! If you start a business on your own, you have to make all the decis........ Read More

A Franchise Business - To Buy Or Not To Buy

Aspiring franchisees often find themselves-they have plenty funds, do not want to work for somebody else, but have little business skills. What exactly is a franchise? The word is used to refer to a business that utilises the logo, name and operation systems providing that they come up with the required funds and are prepared to give the parent company a share of the profits. Just like any other business there are positives and negatives –the future depends on several factors. A fr........ Read More

Buying A Franchise... Think Twice… At Least

If 2007 is like the past several years, over 65,000 new franchises will be sold in the U.S. and Canada, one every 8 minutes! More and more displaced, outplaced, disgruntled or disappointed people are looking at franchising as a solution to their Career Pains. Whether insecurity, financial limitations, corporate politics, life balance or any one of many such pains, they feel “There must be something better out there”. And they may be right. However, too many people who take the step to bus........ Read More

Buying A Franchise: What You Need To Consider

For many the ultimate American dream is attaining financial independence. However, the ‘easiest’ methods of making money, (which entails getting a job), may not offer the type of financial independence people are looking for. In fact, most people who have made it rich have done so by starting their own businesses or buying a franchise. If you would like to be one of these types of people, you will need to decide whether it’s better you start a business from scratch or run an existing franc........ Read More

Should You Buy A Franchise Or Not?

Here’s the situation that aspiring franchise owners commonly find themselves in: they have adequate resources to use as capital, they want to stop being a paid employee, but they have zero entrepreneurial skills. And so they end up choosing to buy a franchise because it’s the perfect compromise…or is it? What is a Franchise? The term franchise is used to refer to a business that’s using the name, logo, and system of operation of a parent company in exchange of a franchise fee and a s........ Read More

Seven Secrets To Buying A Franchise

There are great benefits to owning a franchise. You often can sell goods and services that have instant name recognition and can obtain training and ongoing support to help you succeed. But be cautious before you sign on the dotted line. 1. Know How Much You Can Invest - A franchisor may tell you how much you can afford to invest or that you can't afford to pass up this opportunity. Before beginning to explore investment options, consider the amount you feel comfortable investing and the ma........ Read More

Franchises For Sale - To Buy Or Not To Buy

Franchising is a business model where a franchisee gets the permission start a branch that uses the name and methods of the franchisor in exchange for royalty fees. It differs a bit from starting your own business due to the fact that you are using the proven business strategy of an established company. An article by the Financial Times concluded that sales by franchises in the United States - if translated into gross national product - would rank in as the world’s 7th biggest economy. 1. Fr........ Read More

The Benefits To Buying A Franchise

A franchise is a legal agreement that allows an independent business owner (franchisee) to trade using the trademark, trade name and business format of the franchisor (owner of the original business) in return for a fee and ongoing support fees or royalties. There are many benefits to buying a franchise. The number one benefit of becoming a franchisee is that you will not be starting from scratch on your own. When you buy a franchise you have two distinct things on your side. First and forem........ Read More

Buyer Beware: Common Mistakes Failed Franchisees Make

As you conduct more and more research into buying a business franchise, you will learn the importance of preliminary research, relying on experts (accountants, attorneys, etc.) and even the value of having an exit strategy from the very beginning. Still, just as there are common traits shared by successful franchisees, there are also common mistakes that can cause perfectly good concepts to go under. Fortunately, the mistakes that became stumbling blocks for many other franchisees can act as ........ Read More

Six “must Haves” For Buying A Franchise

We all know that buying a franchise is a great way to start a new business. Yes it’s true that the initial cost of a franchise is generally more than any non-franchised new business. It makes sense that a franchisor would need to be rewarded, both initially and on an ongoing basis, for their training, assistance, consultation, and guidance. And, remember, the franchisor is allowing you to use their proven business model ........ Read More

Buying Into A Franchise: What You Need To Know.

If you want to run your own business, you may want to consider a business franchise opportunity. Franchises are a popular choice for many aspiring business-owners, because a lot of the risk has been cut out of the process: your business comes with ready-made brand recognition, and the products have been tested and refined for years or even decades. Essentially, someone else has already done the hardest work involved in starting a business—and you can step in to reap the rewards. But not al........ Read More

Buying A Franchise Business - How To Choose?

Buying a Franchise is a great business opportunity as the majority of franchisees are still trading successfully after 7 years (source - US Department of Commerce figures). Before you start looking at franchises, decide which market niche you want to enter. Choose a field that not only creates a livelihood but one that you personally will enjoy. You also have to analyse your self. Are you good at sales? If you do not like being cooped in to one environment, then a franchise which demands that........ Read More

Business Franchise – How Do I Raise Funds To Buy?

Many people buying a franchise opportunity or starting a business for the first time raise funds by getting a second mortgage on their property. This method is extremely popular due to the fact that it is possible to raise funds at exceptionally favourable terms. The interest rates are the lowest in the market and you can spread payments over many years. Many people turn to their family and friends to either provide funds. The benefit of getting loans from friends and family is that often the........ Read More


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