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Most Home Based Businesses Are Setup So You Will Fail

Many home based businesses will promise you the world. Many home based businesses are designed just to take your money. You will find all kinds of scam artists and con artists operating in this arena......... Read More

Small Businesses Main Problem? They Need More Customers.

In September of 2005 our company sponsored a survey of small businesses in the service areas. The purpose of the survey was to ask the business owners, many of them franchise owners, what their signif........ Read More

Obsessions Of Successful Businesses

There is a school of thought that almost one hundred per cent of businesses fail due to one main reason – the owner or management team. The highly successful have a fixation on three main things. ........ Read More

Small Businesses Benefit From Web Competition

While word of mouth attracted new users, it was not until it won Best Family Web site in last year's WebAward competition that things took off for the Family Cookbook Project. With its Web site, Fami........ Read More

Best Franchise Opportunity - Home Based Businesses

If you would like to learn about why home-based businesses are the best franchise opportunities available, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically, we will discuss the profit potentials th........ Read More

California Businesses Incorporating In Nevada

California is a notoriously bad state to do business in. Regulations, worker’s compensation and tax issues overwhelm companies. Seeking relief, many incorporate in Nevada. Unless done carefully, thi........ Read More

Smaller Businesses & The Executive Interim

It would be appropriate to assume that the management challenges faced by both the smalleer and medium-sized companies (SME's ) would differ from those faced by larger organisations. It is therefore........ Read More

Can Businesses Learn From The Military?

A few years ago I left the forces after serving a full 22 years. I joined the Army straight after leaving school; it still seems like yesterday when I walked into the careers office in Barnsley as a s........ Read More

The Most Unusual Businesses

Since childhood I've had an interest in unusual businesses. I grew up with four brothers, and when it was time to vote for which television show we would watch, I sold my vote to the highest bidder. Y........ Read More

Five Money-saving Travel Tips For Small Businesses

Saving money is a priority for any business, especially a small business. Small businesses often need every break and discount they can get, and traveling can be one of the most costly areas for smal........ Read More

Benefits To Businesses Accepting Credit Cards

Many business owners report a sharp increase in profit when they begin accepting credit cards as a means of payment. Credit cards allow customers who do not have the money on hand to make purchases fr........ Read More

Home Based Businesses That Work

Money is something everyone needs. If the salary is not commensurate to the work being done, perhaps the person is better off working for oneself. This is how most home-based businesses begin. Thi........ Read More

Online Home Businesses: Another Scam Reminder

I was recently reminded again of how far scam artists will go to separate people from their money by making use of the internet. The scam I read about took advantage of people who were looking for ne........ Read More

Ecommerce Development - Important For Small Businesses

Owning a small business in this day and age is becoming more difficult. The fact is that major franchises, chains and large stores are taking over the little guys out there. Everyday in every small ........ Read More

Insurance Basics For Small Businesses

Not having insurance is risky business. It's an expense that many business owners deem unnecessary, but adequate insurance coverage in times of loss is invaluable. As a small business owner, only you ........ Read More


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